Oregon Field Guide host Steve Amen by Jonathan House

I recently had the opportunity to photograph Steve Amen, the host of one of my favorite television shows, Oregon Public Broadcasting's Oregon Field Guide. He spent an hour reliving exciting times with the show, as well as talking about its future. This week they're celebrating their 25th year with a show on the fascinating topic of Mount Hood's glacier caves. The photography and video that I've seen so far are absolutely astounding.

Steve Amen

Portland Farmers Market by Jonathan House

I had the opportunity a few months ago to shoot for Organic Gardening Magazine. All they really wanted me to do was hang back and get photos of people as they came through their area of the Portland Farmers Market. Throw out the cold wetness, and it was a nice little Saturday morning.

Mount St. Helens by Jonathan House

So I recently went with a group of friends to summit Mount St. Helens and despite it being June, we encountered snow for the entire hike. The weather at first was cloudy with visibility quite low, but once we got up to six or seven thousand feet, we broke free into the sun. This is a look back down.

The Diaz Family by Jonathan House

I had the privilege of spending some time with the Diaz family. Luis Sr., a father and husband, was forced to flee Guatemala in the early nineties due to the harassment he experienced as someone involved with the unions. His wife Irma, brought their two young children to the U.S. later to reunite the family and also avoid persecution. As Luis Sr.'s asylum hearing drew closer, the immigration authorities demanded that Irma, Luis Jr., and Monica be deported. The impetus behind this particular story was that we so often place our ideals above actual humans, and while it's easy for us to have hypothetical arguments over U.S. immigration policy, these people were living it. Although I haven't seen the Diaz family in a bit, I've been told that both children were able to secure green cards and return to the States. I hope to see them soon.

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Gourd Vader by Jonathan House

I shot a portrait last Fall of James Turner, aka "Gourd Vader" for a preview story on the Tualatin Pumpkin Regatta.  An interesting guy to say the least, whom despite never actually doing that well in the annual event, always enters.  If you've been to previous races, then you might also recognize him as "Splash Gourdon."

Ed Duenez by Jonathan House

I had the chance recently to work on a story about Ed Duenez, a gang-prevention counselor at Aloha High School.  Ed is a great guy who has certainly earned the respect of some very tough kids.  This was a quick shot of him as he was trying to coax a student that was wandering around in the hall to get back to class.